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Though I am trained in traditional oil painting, over the past several years I have developed a new style, now using a computer to create my artwork.  I explore art programs, like Photoshop, and find the medium challenging and exciting  with endless creative possibilities.  I still use brushes, but now the computer screen is my canvas.  I adore painting nature in all its glory. Color is my passion and creating beauty is so healing,  to me and hopefully to others who view my work.  Every picture I create comes from my heart and I always strive to capture the true essence of the animal, flower, or scene.

I begin with a photograph, most taken by myself or by my photographer friends.  Some of the pictures of animals in this series were taken in Colorado, and others from all parts of the globe. They are all digital photos taken at a very high resolution.  The photos are then brought into a computer program, where the magic begins.  I use Photoshop and the computer screen becomes my canvas, where I spend countless hours creating each painting.  Fur, feathers, hair, and every part of the animal, flower, or scene, is hand-painted, along with backgrounds that compliment the animals.  Sometimes the photo is used as a source and I paint everything by hand. Color and detail are my passion and I have a fine art background in oil painting, however I really enjoy the freedom of the digital medium as it stimulates my imagination and offers so many exciting possibilities.  Once a painting is finished it can be output in virtually any size and printed on fine art paper, including watercolor, matte, gloss, or even canvas.

How The Art Is Created

My ‘Language of Flowers’ series was inspired by the beauty and glorious colors of flowers, that always speak to the heart.

How The Art Is Created

My ‘Spirit Of The Wild’ series was inspired by my love for animals and all of nature.  Many of the creatures in this series are or were at one time were among the endangered species.  I cannot imagine a world without the grace, courage, and beauty of these perfect beings as each has something precious and special to give to all of us. Each painting is a tribute to these amazing creatures, where I strive to capture their uniqueness and essence.  I also write a poem or some short prose to express what each image means to me. Many of the animals in this series have a spiritual quality with the power to heal our hearts and spirits., if we are open to their message.  Painting them has certainly brought me joy and I hope viewing them brings others the same joy.

Carol Cavalaris

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