Brigitte's Roses Series
A delightful woman named Brigitte has a spectacular garden in France filled with over 800 varieties of roses. Brigitte is a caring, spiritual woman and roses have had a very personal meaning in her life. Now she fills her garden with roses, for all the world to enjoy. She does not share her private story, only saying the beauty of the roses are enough. To me, they are very special healing roses, because each is grown with passion and a deep love. You may find a unicorn or two amongst her roses, because Brigitte also loves unicorns. Someday I hope to visit her garden in France. For now, I am inspired by the beauty of her spirit and wanted to honor Brigitte and her roses by doing this collection featuring only Brigitte's Roses.
Please visit Brigitte's roses on-line at: Brigitte's Rose Garden
Miracle Of RosesMauve Miracle Of Roses Lavender Miracle Of Roses Peach Miracle Of Roses Yellow
Dream Catcher
Spirit Of The Wild
Beauty In Nature
Language Of Flowers
Special Pets
Wild Eyes
Flowers In Fancy Vases
Story Art
Brigittes Roses
Birth Of A Rose SQ Birth Of A Rose Rose Colors Of Spring Rose Colors Of Spring SQ
a Rose Named Violet Easter Surprise Lavender Rose Lavender Rose SQ
Love Me Tender Rose Rose For A Unicorn Rose Colors Of The Moon To Be Loved Mauve
If I Can Dream Home In The Roses
To Be Loved Red To Be Loved Purple
Soul Mate Rose Rose Moods Joy Rose Moods Abundance
Rose Moods Desire Unicorn And A Rose Rose Moods Haemony Herat Of A Unicorn
Birth Of A Unicorn Unicorn Rose Goddess Celestial Rose Eternal Springtime Rose
Eternal Springtime Rose Mauve A Rose For Mary Unicorn Rose Tree Winter Roses And Cardinals
Snow Rose Ballet Beyond Fantasy Redheaded Woman Rose Dragonfly On Roses
Summer Roses Swan Lake Rose Raining Roses Raining Roses 2
Unicorn Rose Beyond Fantasy 2 Rose In The Mist Hummingbirds And Roses
A Rose Reborn Woman In The Rose Gown Tea And Roses 2 Universe Within A Rose
Rose Ballet Shoes Goldfinches On gold Roses

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