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Carol Cavalaris & L.J. Heart

I’ve been creating since I was a child, always drawing or painting or making something. After getting a degree in Fine Art, I have enjoyed many creative adventures, including being a display artist, an interior designer, a graphic artist, a copywriter, and a creative director. I owned an ad agency with my husband, LJ, Heart, for years, doing everything from  producing books to print ads to tv commercials. I also love writing fiction and completed two novels. LJ was a musician and together we wrote hundreds of original songs and produced them in our digital recording studio. We were a team and called ourselves Cavalaris & HEART, living a passionate and creative life together, full of love.

I have discovered that creativity crosses over into all genres, and what I learned as an artist applied to writing colorful scenes, or producing exciting music. The last few years we have enjoyed learning how to make digital art on the computer and it opened up a whole new world to us. We added digital photography to our creative adventures when we moved from California to Colorado in the winter of 04. We both adore nature and animals and spent a wondrous year and a half in our dream home in the mountains experiencing the seasons and all the beauty. Sadly, LJ died very suddenly of a heart failure in the spring of 06.

 It was devastating to lose my soul mate,  but I decided to stay in the mountain home we both loved. And I  once again turned to art and writing to express my feelings through images and words, I developed a new style, now using a computer to create my artwork.  I explore art programs, like Photoshop, and find the medium challenging and exciting  with endless creative possibilities.  I still use brushes, but now the computer screen is my canvas.  I adore painting nature in all its beauty, combining photo sources and painting techniques to create my mixed medium art that I call ‘living art’.  Color is my passion and creating beauty is so healing,  to me and hopefully to others who view my work.  Every picture I create comes from my heart and I always strive to capture the true essence of the animal, or flower, or scene.  I also write poems for each work, expressing what each means to me.

I currently own an internet publishing business called Innerworld Publishing, where I publish and sell digital art, 3D products, e-books, and music. I also have a state-of-the-art digital recording studio in my home, where I record mine and my husband’s music, as well as other musicians music.  And I host house concerts.

Creating, learning, and growing artistically has kept the joy and meaning alive in my life and now it is my passion to bring healing beauty to others through my art, writing, and music. 

Carol Cavalaris

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